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Surface Manipulation Experiments

So in relation to the In The Gang collection, I did go a little further and experiment with some very basic and simple surface manipulation techniques to attempt to bring the symbol designs to life. I used a soft faux-leather as the base fabric to keep the tests consistent.

This was my initial mind map of possibilities to explore. I began by burning the fabric to give an aggressive feel, I actually really liked this! I then did some basic machine and hand embroidery, I prefer the machine method as it just felt freer and fit better with the overall look I was going for.

Then I moved onto painting with acrylics and silk paint, obviously the silk paint didn’t work at all! I did feel the painting was just not sophisticated enough for the aesthetic so that was a definite no. As was the appliqué! I then did a little sinamay sample to try and bring in more 3D elements, I think this could work as a standalone piece if it was made really big and bold as opposed to be a flat surface decoration!

I really loved this 3D printed experiment, I think this could be translated to zip pulls, buttons rivets or little other tactile details. Really happy with this!

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