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All Bodies - The Capsule Wardrobe

My little designer brain always automatically goes to creating fantastical unwearable 'stuff' that would have to be half-pushed down a catwalk. However, with this collection I knew I needed to have a set of good interesting, but wearable, basics to ensure I am not excluding any particular woman. No matter who you are, we all have a selection of 'go to' basics in our wardrobe. Yes, taste level and styles will make these slightly different in look, but the vast majority of us share the idea of base layers. This is where the idea of creating a 'Capsule Wardrobe' upon which I could build the more abstract, draped pieces. Although I have Autumn/Winter in mind, I want to include transitional layers as well as true cosy pieces.

So, what is on my wardrobe wishlist? What do we all need, want and wear on a daily basis? Now I am not saying I can hit everything on this list, but it is something I am bearing in mind through the collection development process.



Basic Tees

Basic tops to dress up/down

Layering knitwear


Little Black Dress

Casual layering dress


Smart trousers/culottes

Easy layering skirts

Casual bottoms/jeans


Chunkier knits

Formal Coat/Jacket/Blazer

Chunkier/larger coat

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