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The Design Process

In order to create true inclusivity and diversity within fashion design, and the Fashion Industry as a whole, the entire design process must be considered. We cannot just look at the end product anymore. 

This stage of the project is about breaking down how we design a collection from conception to realisation. 

To begin with, I have simply researched both my own process and others to gain a better understanding of how we think, build, consider and create. I have mainly focused on the process in general at this stage in order to keep it simple and unbiased. 

My Process

My design process, my flaws and how I am learning to make positive changes

Designer Inspo

Researching well-known designers and their processes 

Case Studies

Speaking directly to designers to research their processes and how they consider the body

Once research had been conducted to establish an outline and consider similarities, personal changes and growth emerged.


It is not enough to highlight the issues, I must adopt them myself. By demonstrating how I have made these simple changes, I aim to show designers they can do the same thing. 

By sharing the entire design process of creating the Collection, I am not just here preaching diversity. I am attempting to fix the cycle I am a part of by fixing myself. 

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