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Print Exploration

This experiment stems from my Fat Girls Can’t Wear White Pants concept, specifically the polaroid self portraits I took. I wanted to open up the conversation about stretchmarks as these are the thing I am most self-conscious about on my body. I have seen a positive conversation happening across social media about them, but it is usually in relation to motherhood and celebrating the postpartum body. I haven’t had children so feel as if my marks aren’t valid as they have no reason other than growth and weight gain. I want to open up a conversation with people about this as most people have some form of scarring or marks that are just as beautiful and valid as everyone else, and to encourage people to think differently.

I wanted to create a series of prints for fabrics based off my marks, I am not happy with any of them as I feel like they were done a little haphazardly but I do feel there is something in the concept itself!

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