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‘Constellations’ and other thoughts

On Sunday night my brother and I visited the visual installation ‘Constellations’ by artist Joanie Lemercier at West Kirby Marine Lake. This is part one of a few things going on round the Wirral, commissioned by Wirral Borough of Culture. I videoed my experience, just on my phone, to attempt to capture the piece.

Sorry about the vertical video…it was too cold to hold my phone out for so long so this was filmed by zipping my phone into my coat! Also, something happened with the projector in the last 30 seconds so the ending was missed but, hopefully, this still captures the essence of the piece.

The whole installation was an immersive experience. The visuals were projected onto a fine mist of water sprayed over the marine lake, allowing depth, focus and texture to be played with by the artist. Mood-inducing sounds enhanced the feeling of awe and wonder the images provoked. I love these kinds of installations; I love how the audience become a part of the work. I could feel the water spraying over us and taste the salt in the air, which only made the whole thing feel more magical.

For me, I have always designed with an experience in mind at the ‘end’. The fashion I love and the designers I am inspired by create a show, a moment in time and an experience. Not just a garment. Designers like McQueen and Iris Van Herpen put on a SHOW. Fashion is just at the epicentre. I have always thought about the mood of the audience; about the people wearing the garments, how they walk, the music, the lights, the feelings. I think this is why I went into costume after my BA, it felt right to be a part of something bigger than ‘just clothes’. It sounds really weird, and I definitely stuck out on my BA course with this way of thinking, particularly when creating our Graduate Collections. I just couldn’t think about designing one skirt or coat a time, I had to think about the whole 6 look collection at once and how it intertwined as a show. Design is fun, aspirational, inspirational, strange, funny, though-provoking, rage-inducing, energising and so many other things, and we should feel that as we watch it move.

In short, I loved this installation. Although the work itself may not influence my practice directly; it definitely sparks my brain out about creating immersive experiences and moments in time within my medium. Plus, what else would I do with a Sunday night?

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