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Beauty and Abstraction

This if kind of a follow up to all of my previous body positivity work. I wanted to explore the idea of beauty standards, and was really focusing on the same abstract feel that the previous experiments created. I feel like this was a nice way to bring in my millinery experience as well. I wanted it to feel a little grotesque as a way to question beauty.

I started off with a rough sinamay blocked shape piled on top of each other and had a little play with sketching shapes based on this. I like this, I feel there is something there but I don’t feel like its asking the question I want it to ask.

I moved onto collage as a little visual experiment, and nice shape generation. I actually used a beauty and cosmetic surgery magazine for these images. I actually really like the one on the left as a statement piece, possibly this could be used as a print in a future project?

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